EVENT 17th October, Hydrogen for Heating: an early adopter or end of the queue?

 Hydrogen for Heating: an early adopter or end of the queue?

Natural gas has a long-proven track record for heating.  However, the climate challenge requires change.  Will hydrogen be able to take its place?  How will the potential for customer convenience and acceptance square with this sector requiring some of the toughest cost-reduction needs?

We have a set of leading experts who will consider the different angles, the interplay with alternatives for heating, the alternative uses for hydrogen, and the development over the short- and long-term.

In addition, the seminar will feature the annual UK gas winter outlook from National Grid.


  • Meredith Annex, Team Leader for Low Carbon Heating and Cooling, Bloomberg New Energy Finance
  • Michael Copson, Hydrogen Business Development, Shell
  • Adam Hawkes, Director of the Sustainable Gas Institute, Imperial College
  • Jenny Hill, Head of Buildings, Industry and Bioenergy, Committee on Climate Change
  • Robert Gibson, Whole system & Gas Supply Manager, National Grid