REPORT: Uncomfortable home truths: why Britain urgently needs a low carbon heat strategy

In June 2019 the UK announced it would be legislating for a net zero carbon emissions target that will mean the UK will end its domestic contribution to climate change from 2050. This will profoundly impact almost all aspects of society, including the way we heat our homes.

Currently most UK homes use natural gas for heat. In a net zero world, all these households must use alternative, lower carbon sources of heat. Unless radical changes in housing, energy and climate policy are prioritised, the UK will miss its 2050 net zero climate target. Momentum from next year’s UN climate change summit, COP26, that will take place in Glasgow, could provide an important catalyst for these transformations.

Switching to low carbon heat represents important technical and infrastructural challenges but also opportunities, as was covered in detail in Part 1 and Part 2 of the Future Gas Series. However, decarbonising heat will also have major social implications, requiring change in almost every home in the country. This final inquiry in the Future Gas Series puts consumers at the heart of a revolution in green heat…….

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